Snarky Texas gal who loves writing mystery with romantic twists.

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Southern Nights

Second Time Around

Shelby Matthews, one of the elite team Athena Group’s leaders decides it’s time to go on a long overdue vacation. She was well away from the hustle and bustle of tourists on an exclusive beach. Peace and quiet was what she was looking for. Just as she begins to soak up the sun and maybe feel the stress of life ebbing from her bones, a blast from the past shows up next door.

What do Cotton Candy and Champagne have in common? A forgotten night, the desire to remember and the realization that not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. When Alex wakes up next to Ryan McCade, notorious playboy, she can't believe what she has done. She flees back home where she finds herself investigating a newly discovered Indian burial ground. But when Ryan shows up to reclaim what is rightfully his, she has no choice but to strike a bargain. 

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Deceptive Hearts

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